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Contact Lens Do’s And Dont’s

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  1. Wash your hands prior to handling lenses.
  2. Disinfect lenses overnight, every-night.
  3. Clean and air-dry the lens case each time your remove the lens.
  4. Use only doctor recommended solutions, as others can affect the wearing comfort of the lenses
  5. watch out for out of date solutions - check expiry dates
  6. Replace your contact lenses frequently to reduce risk of contact lens related infections
  7. Get your doctors permission before taking medications or using topical eye products
  8. Remove your lenses and contact your doctor if you have any vision changes, redness of the eyes, or discomfort or pain and excessive tearing.
  9. Handle contact lenses over a clean area to keep them clean and undamaged.
  10. Visit your doctor every year after the initial adaptation period.


  1. Don't wear a contact lens with a tear or chip in it. This is irritating and can cause corneal damage that may open the door to infection. If unsure, remove the lens, rinse it and reinsert. If irritation continues, don't wear the lens and consult your practitioner.
  2. Do not sleep with contact lenses in.
  3. Do not wear lenses swimming or in a hot tub.
  4. Do not let cosmetics, lotions, sprays or creams touch your lenses.
  5. Do not wear lenses if you are ill.
  6. Do not insert lenses over a sink for safety reasons.
  7. Do not rub eyes when wearing contact lenses.
  8. Do not use saliva to wet lenses. This is unsanitary and an easy way to infect your eyes.
  9. Do not wear lenses in severe dust, near chemical fumes, or when your eyes are red and irritated.
  10. Do not wear lenses longer than prescribed by your doctor.


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