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Sports & Specialty Eye Wear Fitting

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20/20 vision is a first step. Of course you need to be sure that your vision or corrected with lenses vision is 20/20. Visual acuity is critical. But what about related skill sets such as first rate peripheral vision, eye-hand coordination, correct depth perception, total field awareness, etc.

These skills are some of the more important and keenly necessary skills for excellence in sports. Be it skeet-shooting, bumper cars, skiing, playing golf, soccer, football, baseball, basketball or any other sport; vision plays on the front line.

To perform optimally in your favorite sport, you most definitely will benefit from a consultation with your eye-care professional with a focus on your “sports vision” — even if you have 20/20 vision. Your typical basic eye exam will not usually include the tests of these special visual skills critically necessary to your challenging sports performance.

Sports vision tests are extensive and should be tailored to the sport you love to participate in. Your examiner would include tests which evaluate how you see during movement both in and outdoors while interacting with other people, sounds, players, coaching instruction, obstructing objects or other players.

Professional athletes might typically exercise especially to “bulk-up” their sports vision. School athletic programs may include athlete vision training courses. Similar training are enjoyed by golfers, pool-billiard and tennis players. Non-sports pros may gain significant advantages in their trade-craft and skills from similar vision training; think law enforcement, computer geeks, pilots, and many other technical professionals.

Your sports vision or pro-skills eye exam will include focused questions about your activities and patterns. Specialized testing can help to determine your special sports or skills related needs. These tests may include three-dimensional images and holograms to test your reaction time in real life. Computerized tests can help measure your eye-hand coordination and reactions.

Live, in-field measurements of your reaction times and speed in a variety of sports situations may be necessary. Sports vision specialists even attend games or competitions to help evaluate vision performance. They may also use videos of your games to study and gauge your performance.

A comprehensive sports vision training program is an ideal solution to be sure you are bringing your best game to the table.

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